Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sometimes, I come across or hear something so true that all I can possibly say is, "Yes." Nothing more needs to be said. In fact, nothing more can be said.

When I came across this NYT's op ed piece on the dying art of witty insults (courtesy of a link from another fabulous blog), all I could say was "Yes." http://cavett.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/09/a-better-sort-of-insult/?ref=opinion

In today's uber-PC, everyone-who-participates-gets-a-trophy world, insults are considered rude. While I agree that stupid, blatantly obvious, or completely irrelevant insults are rude (mainly because they're a waste of time for all involved), some insults are downright essential.

Take, for example, Simon Cowell (admittedly, not the most witty example, but it's late and nothing better is coming to me). Yes, sometimes he does beat a dead horse but think about it people, if he doesn't tell someone who is an awful singer that he would rather listen to a cat being strangled while its claws are dragged down a chalkboard then it is highly likely that that person will go on to (1) believe that they have a future in the music biz, (2) sacrifice years and countless dollars to pursuing that dream, and (3) continue to inflict pain via singing on friends and family. Yes, it sucks to have your dreams crushed. Get over it. It happens to all of us and, personally, if my dreams are going to be crushed, I'd prefer they be crushed with a bit of wit.

So, now that the entire universe has changed due to the inauguration (at least according to CNN, which I continue to watch too much of despite the fact that we are no longer getting CNNHD), please make an effort to dole out witty insults. It is an art form that must not die.

p.s. calling someone an "[expletive] moron" is ok. It's not witty but it's ok. I bring this up only because I'm watching Larry King interview Gov Blagojevich and, really, what else can you call someone like that who compares himself to Mandela and MLK Jr?

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