Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers - World Champs

Congratulations to:

- the Pittsburgh Steelers for being the winningest franchise in NFL history

- the fine state of Ohio, whose universities educated both the Steelers Quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger, Miami U) and the MVP (Santonio Holmes, THE Ohio State University)

- Mike Tomlin for being the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, the 2nd African-American coach to win a Super Bowl, and for bearing an uncanny resemblance to Omar Epps

Thank you to:
- The Pittsburgh Steelers for giving me yet one more set of bragging rights over Matt (who cheered for the Cardinals)

- NFL Network for the 1 full week of pre-game coverage, you've helped break my addiction to CNN (maybe)

1 comment:

Diana Welmerink said...

I agree completely! It appears that the "new" Bolton men have something else in common - rooting for the losing team in this year's Super Bowl. ;)