Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And we're back

With a new year comes new resolve and so, I'm back to the bloggosphere. After authoring a highly acclaimed (by the 3 people who read it) blog on my adventures in Denmark, I decided to bow out while at the top of my game. But, like so many who have gone before me - Michael Jordan, Brett Favre - I just couldn't stay away.

So I'm back.
Try to contain your excitement.

We're mixing things up a bit this time. First, this blog will not chronicle my adventures in some exotic locale, instead it will be about life in Boston (which I guess could be exotic depending on where you're from). Second, I will not be the sole author of this blog, instead my fiancee Matt will make occasional appearances as a guest author (he was thrilled when I told him). Finally, I will do my best to keep the blog posts short since I realized my previous blog entries were closer in length to novellas than blog posts.

There you have it. We're back and (hopefully) better than ever.
Stay tuned!


Amy said...

Well I've already confused myself. I just spent way too much time second-guessing myself on Matt's last name because I was certain that RBMT was for Robyn Bolton Matt T...? I was saying to myself "self, you are SURE that Matt's last name is J*rm*n (protecting the innocent), what is this T all about?"

Yeah, finally figured it out. Name of the ol' blog. Duh.

Anyway, glad you're back, and as one of the people who acclaimed you highly, I am excited to be treated to the occasional novella.

Diana said...

I am another who gave you high marks for the Danish blog. I'm excited that you're back and look forward to the chronicle-ing of wedding adventures and the less (or more, depending on how you look at it) work adventures. Hooray for yor return!

Angela, Paul and Asher said...

Love it! I still would visit your Denmark blog from time to time hoping that there would be a new post..... so glad you are writing again. I think you are HILARIOUS and you definitely brighten my day with you humorous stories.