Friday, January 9, 2009

The Force is with us

Pardon me while I geek out for a moment...

Like many people in my generation (I hope), I have a particular fondness for Star Wars. While I do not consider myself a fanatic (costumes and camping out are lines I refuse to cross) I do still have some of my childhood action figures, the original trilogy on DVD, and the super awesome Lego Star Wars game on PS3.

Luckily, Matt shares this fondness for both Legos and Star Wars. So in November, after enjoying the Chik-fil-a we had driven 45 minutes to get (he has cravings like a pregnant woman, that Matt) we took a stroll through the Lego store in the Burlington Mall and saw it - the most awesome Lego Death Star ever! We had to have it.

Apparently so did everyone else because when we went back a few weeks later, we were told that the only store in all of the US that still had stock was in CA and they were charging $100 for shipping. Right. Even after scouring e-Bay and other websites, we couldn't find one for sale. We were very sad.

The day after Christmas though, Matt went back to and found that they were back in stock (pretty suspicious given that 48 hours earlier it said stock wouldn't be available until Jan 29) and ready to ship. He ordered it and, on Dec 29, we got a very very large box dropped on our doorstep.

What ensued was 5 days of Lego joy. Matt did most of the infrastructure work, I did the interiors and fine details and we both got way way more excited than you should about building droids, trash compactors, and Death Rays.

It was fun and awesome and the best way to spend a week of vacation in snowy and cold Boston. And yes, we do play with it. We're Star Wars geeks. And that's OK, we going to own it.

Here's photos of the whole saga:


Angela, Paul and Asher said...

UM...that is awesome that you bought this and put it together. I had two thoughts when reading through this:
1. Over Christmas in Mentor, I was down in the basement "shopping" for toys for Asher (hey - he they are new to him, ok?) and came across all my old lego sets! I can't WAIT until he's old enough to play with them. I have a castle, a pirate ship and some other cool things.
2. I bought a lego set for one of my nephews a year or so ago and got on the lego mailing list so I get their catalogs from time to time. Paul and I were looking at the death star in the last magazine in amazement. I can't believe you actually bought it and put it together - thanks for sharing the photos!
3. ok - I lied, 3 thoughts. I have my very old, very basic lego train set from when I was a kid and we brought it out this year for Asher to play with. I have to say that I was a bit ticked that he kept pulling the pieces apart! I had to keep building the train cars back just right. I finally gave up and every time he took a part off, I just put that piece back in the box. I guess that's why they sell those Duplo blocks for the younger ages :)

Kevin and Amy said...

Do they make a lego rendition of Mentor High School? Oh wait...Mentor High School...Death Star...same thing. HA!

Well done, Robyn and Matt! If you can survive assembling something of that magnitude without killing each other, I think marriage will be a cinch. planning on the other hand...