Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to make cooking interesting

As many of you know, I am no chef. I like to blame my aversion to the kitchen to a particularly vengeful set of pre-school teachers who never let me play in the kitchen station. Sensitive to the injustice, I would play there anyways, my protests often resulting in a note home.

The couple of times I ventured back in are infamous: adding 4 teaspoons of water instead of 4 tablespoons to rice, forgetting to mix the bowl of dry ingredients back in with the bowl of wet ingredients when making cookies (I still maintain that the Nestle Tollhouse respire left out that step), the chocolate mousse that could have put a hole in the wall, etc.

Eventually (but far too late for my pre-school teachers) I learned my lesson and stayed out of the kitchen.

But Matt enjoys cooking and has tried to get me back in the kitchen. He was making very little progress until his family started an annual Christmas cook-off. With bragging rights and a wood cutting board in the shape of a pig on the line, the kitchen was finally interesting enough for another try. For this Christmas' cook-off, we bought a food processor (we tried making aioli without it last Christmas and it was almost the death of us).

It changed everything. Apparently, as long as there is a fairly decent chance that someone could go to the ER before eating my food, I am more than happy to cook.

How happy? Tonight I volunteered to make mac & cheese from scratch for dinner because Real Simple had a recipe for a "healthier" version that required the food processor to make the bread crumbs and it could be used to shred the cheese.

Think about it. I volunteered to cook. From scratch. Even when it is available from a box.


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Diana Welmerink said...

You forgot to mention the time that you sent Dad out for more garlic bunches because you needed 10 garlic cloves for a recipie. What you didn't realize is that CLOVES are the small parts that make up a garlic BUNCH. Dad had a lot of garlic on the counter for a loooooong time after that meal.