Thursday, August 27, 2009

Relaxation and Romance

Hi Everyone! This is Matt, and this is my first contribution to ever-so-witty blog that Robyn has started for us. As Robyn mentioned, I am in fact writing this post during the Bucs game - but hey, it's only preseason :) ...

Yesterday, Robyn and I enjoyed one of the most relaxing and romantic days that either of us can remember.

The day started with a couple's spa treatment called "The Ritual for Two." This treatment involved taking an hour to give each other multiple skin treatments in a private room with a warm jacuzzi, sweet aromatics, and very relaxing music (with prior coaching from the experts on Fairmont Spa staff, of course). Following this hour, we were then treated to a simply wonderful whole-body massage - this was definitely the best whole-body massage that either of us can remember.

This was a great start for any day. In fact, this start was so good that it required us to nap almost immediately, and for many hours :)

Thankfully, we recovered from our napping in time to make our "Bermuda Moon Dance" dinner. What is a "Bermuda Moon Dance" dinner you ask? Simply put, it is a very romantic, delicious, fun, and memorable dinner experience that included a five course meal with great wine on the Fairmont hotel's private beach in a beautifully decorated cabana, with table-side food preparation and two butlers to cater to our every need. What really made the evening so special was having the beach to ourselves and being able to take our time talking, laughing, and doing whatever we wanted - this included a break between courses for us to walk the beach and even do a little dancing under the moon.

The picture at the top of this post was taken as we were walking to the cabana at the beginning of the evening. The picture below gives you an idea of what the cabana looked like.

Romantic and relaxing dinners don't get much better! This dinner was the perfect end to what was a truly memorable, fun, relaxing, and romantic day!!

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