Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Perhaps it's a good thing we bought the supplemental insurance"

Sorry kids, no photos from Friday. That's because our activity for the day was not camera friendly - we rented a jet ski and went on a tour of the eastern part of the island.

Just a short trolley ride from the hotel is Jews Bay, which is notable only for its 4-star steakhouse and the jet ski company that runs tours for hotel guests. Since we made our reservations late (i.e. the morning of the tour), Matt and I had to share a jet ski. Since we've shared a snowmobile before (see trip to Ice Hotel), I was not terribly concerned about being a passenger despite Matt's tendency to be an aggressive driver.

We set out from Jews Bay, through Little Sound, under Somerset Bridge (the smallest drawbridge in the world, when it is fully up, the opening is only wide enough to allow the mast of a small sailboat to pass through), and into Ely's Harbor. The harbor is actually named for a small outcropping of rocks that has been worn away to look like elephants drinking from the harbor (it made me think of Big Bird in China or Japan, the one with the phoenix and the monkey). It's tradition that when fishermen set out from this harbor, they throw fish to the elephants for good luck. From there it was out into the open sea and, I'm not kidding, the Bermuda Triangle. We saw a shipwreck, stingray, red snappers, and a sucker shark (they usually attach to whales but sometimes get confused and attach themselves to jet skis and go on little rides). We did not see Amelia Earhart.

We were a bit early getting back to Jews Bay so our guide said we could spend 5 minutes doing doughnuts in the open waters. He was also surprised that Matt hadn't yet bounced me off the jet ski and suggested he try to accomplish that in the final few minutes. Obviously, this guide did not know me well. Matt did a few doughnuts which only succeeded in making me a bit nauseous. However, on the last doughnut, he forgot to accelerate properly and flipped the entire jet ski, thus launching both of us into the water. Our guide quickly came to our rescue, giving us his jet ski (which I pulled myself up onto, thank you Cory for all the ab and arm workouts) and jumping into the water to right ours.

As all this was going on, one of the other people on the tour floated by and asked what happened. "He tried to bounce me off so I just decided to take him and the ski down with me." The response - "I get it. Don't get mad. Get even."

Yep. Pretty much sums it up

(p.s. we did not actually need to use the supplemental insurance, but I will no longer question Matt when he suggests that we get it)

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