Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Holy crap! Is that Ben Stein?"

Post about Wed activities coming soon (I'm going to try to convince Matt to write it, despite the fact that the Bucs game is on) BUT just couldn't wait to write about today's exciting event

We met Ben Stein in the hot tub.

The Fairmont has a fantastic spa (best we've been to) and, if you get a spa treatment or pay a daily membership fee, you get all day access to the private indoor pool, terraces, and hot tubs. So, after our facials (which were awesome), Matt and I decided to spend the day in these exclusive digs.

After several hours of lounging outside, I wandered into the pool area where Matt was lounging. As we were chatting, I looked up and saw across the room someone who looked very much like Ben Stein. I apparently need to work on my "inside voice" because when I uttered the words in the title of the post, the man turned and looked at me.

To avoid further embarrassment, Matt assured me that it was not Ben Stein because the hair color was all wrong and suggested we go outside and sit in the hot tub.

After a few minutes in the hot tub, the man who looked like Ben Stein (probably because he IS Ben Stein) joined us. He gave us a bit of applause for getting married, congratulated Matt, wished me good luck, and gave us the following advice: "Walk around with one eye closed" (considering he's married the same woman twice, he may know what he's talking about. Matt just thinks he's a cynic). We also chatted a bit about politics (the passing of Sen Kennedy and plans to fill his seat) and the importance of getting a hot tub for our apartment in Cambridge. Also, in a rare display of self-control, I did not ask him to say, "Bueller. Bueller" Possibly because I wanted to avoid further embarrassment or because I thought I should mention something slightly more recent than a 23 year old movie quote.

It was only a few minutes, but it was the most super awesome non-romantic things that's happened. He's very nice (especially after my outburst) and sounds EXACTLY the same in person as he does on TV.

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