Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hamilton, Bermuda


I know Matt and I are supposed to be spending quality time together (and we are), but we're uploading photos each night which means I simply can't resist posting a quick note to say hi and tell you what's going on.

Yesterday was a lost day (apparently, after 11 months of working and planning a wedding and trying to have a life, my body thinks that 5 seconds of down time = time to go into a 5 hour coma), but today we were wildly productive. And by "wildly productive" I mean getting out of bed at Noon and making it to Hamilton for a 4:00 reservation for High Tea.

We've uploaded photos to Kodak Gallery. I was able to caption the photos but not rearrange them into a somewhat logical order (which is driving me nuts). Anyways, hope you enjoy them and we'll continue to post to this album while in Bermuda

Love you all!

Robyn and Matt

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