Monday, March 30, 2009

Sauna Yoga - Take 2

Friday, still slightly sore from my crazy yoga experience, I excitedly recounted my adventure to the friend who recommended it.

FRIEND: "Where did you take the class?"
ME: "Bikram Yoga in Harvard Square."
FRIEND: "You went where! They do crazy %$$ *&^% there! How did you even survive? Are you )*^$@!# nuts!)
ME: "I thought they were kind of crazy but you told me to go do hot yoga so I did. You didn't tell me there were different kinds of hot yoga. These are things you need to mention!!!"

(On a side note: the fact that my friend was swearing like a truck driver is all my fault. When we started working together we had a particularly disastrous meeting and, afterwards she looked at me and said, "Robyn, I was so mad at him I was swearing in my head." Now, after working with me for 4 months, she swears like a sailor. Go me.)

She pointed me to a different studio a bit further from our apartment (in Porter Square for those who know the area). This one practices vinyasa yoga in 90-100 degree temperatures. Oh, and the poses are far more reasonable - they still do Dead Body pose but also Warrior 1 and 2 (2 is my fave) and Tree (which I'm getting a bit better at, which means I don't fall over instantly)

I'm totally hooked, so much so that I actually bought a towel to place on my rented yoga mats (it catches the sweat and sticks to the mat a bit better than a regular towel, so when you're hopping from pose to pose you have less chance of slipping)

Tomorrow is a 4:00 class. I am so excited you cannot imagine!

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