Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You have chosen... wisely

Now that I am firmly immersed in crazy Sauna Yoga, it is time to re-balance the universe and become obsessed with something that requires minimal to no (preferably no) movement.

Enter: Wii LEGO Indiana Jones

As some of you will remember, when Matt and I went to LEGOLand in Billund (Denmark) we spent hours playing LEGO Star Wars and, when we got back to the US we purchased our own copy (but it was for the PS3 which doesn't really work anymore, so we haven't got to play it much). When Matt heard that LEGO had an Indiana Jones game coming out AND that you could use the Wii nunchuk as Indy's whip, he quickly bought a copy.

It lay untouched for about a year until one lazy Saturday we decided to unwrap it and play a bit. Since then, I have been obsessed. Wide-eyed, non-blinking, drooling, snapping, bossy obsessed. I am manic in my insistence that we beat every single element of every level (Completed, 100% True Adventurer status, post, and all artifacts). I haven even gone so far as to go on-line and find a manual of hints so that when I get stuck I can get un-stuck (but I never read ahead and only use the manual once I really feel like I've given it my best shot 20-30 times because to do otherwise would be cheating)

So far, we've completed all the levels in the first movie and I've achieved all the elements in the first two scenes of the first movie. We have a long way to go but, with Di and Adam as examples, and some slow decision making by my client, I'm sure we can make it!

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