Monday, April 6, 2009

Every journey begins with a single step

I'm about to be a published author.

There are notebooks scattered (in mostly secret places) around our apartment where I've jotted down thoughts and stories for years. In down times at work, I've taken writing classes and, for a few months, was part of a writer's salon in Cambridge.

But, like all insecure people, I was terrified of sending my writing out to be published. It is so personal, very very much a part of me, and to get rejected would be devastating. But, when I graduated from HBS, I made a public promise that I would refuse to be afraid and instead welcome the rejections "as evidence of a dream pursued."

In February I took a class all about the business of getting published - how to find publications and approach them, building a resume, negotiating rights, etc. With my considerable downtime and inspired by the old book smell of Baker Library, I sent an essay to a few publications, just to see what would happen.

Less than 24 hours later, it was accepted by Puffin Circus, a new literary journal out of Pennsylvania.

The story may or may not appear on-line and if it does, I will definitely post a link to it here. The bound version of the journal will probably come out sometime in late Summer (submission deadline is June 30) and, of course, I'll keep you updated on that too.

I am about to be published. It is a single step towards one day - maybe, hopefully - writing the novel that replaces Moby Dick in the American Lit canon and spares millions of kids the irritation of discussing "Call me Ishmael" for 50 minutes. (Hey, we all have to have a motivating goal)


Diana Welmerink said...

I am so ridiculously proud of and happy for you!!!!

Kevin and Amy said...

Ah, a ticket for "One Ishmael." Those were the days.

CONGRATULATIONS, Robyn. And may I say that this is officially "evidence of a dream fulfilled" as it has always been my dream to read something of yours that is bound and copyrighted.

I have also always wanted to see your picture on a jacket sleeve with an "About the Author." There will surely be a mention of how some of your best work is still privately held in the inbox of one A.M. Vile.

This is going to be amazing. Many, many congratulations!!!