Friday, March 27, 2009


This post may be a bit gauche given the current economic times, but it's just such a momentous event that I can't help but share....

Getting an MBA is not cheap. In fact, I often describe my two years at HBS as "the best 2 years $120,000 can buy." Most of that money, of course, came in the form of loans - some from the US government, but most from CitiBank.

Last Friday, I paid off my CitiBank loan!

This is HUGE because (1) the amount I owed was huge and (2) the original repayment schedule was 10 years meaning I would be 40 before I paid it off.

But now I am free of that horrible predatory lender (don't get me started on the games the play) and can finally start spending that money on more important things. Like shoes.

(just kidding Dad, it's going into savings)

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