Monday, March 9, 2009

I. Have. Had It!

I will admit that one when chooses to live in New England, one gives up the right to complain about cold weather and snow. Complaining about cold New England winters is like complaining about hot Arizona summers - you knew what you were getting into, so shut it.

I will also admit that when one has lived in New England for any period of time, one becomes accustomed to the fact that seasons do not occur in an orderly fashion. In fact, one can experience multiple seasons (for example Winter, Spring and Summer) in a 24 hour period. And it is not unusual for it to be 90 degrees on May 30 and 35 degrees on June 1 (yes, those are consecutive days). When you're new to New England, you have a right to complain about this because it's not a widely publicized aspect of the region. But once you've lived here for, oh, say going on 6 years, you have lost the right to complain about absurd temperature swings in 24 hours because you know that such nonsense happens every single year.

But today the weather has gone too far!

Last Monday (March 2), Bostonians awoke to 8-12" of snow. We were not surprised because (1) it's March and everyone knows it can still snow in June and (2) the weather people told us it was coming. Another 4-6" fell during the course of the day. Again, we were not surprised because, well, weather just sucks that way.

It stayed around freezing most of the week until Friday. That's when the weather jumped up to 55 and it rained. We all became a little hopeful that we had seen the last snow of the season and that maybe, just maybe, the 12' high piles of snow (I am NOT kidding) would begin to melt. But, we knew not to hold out breath.

Saturday it was 61. The population of Boston seemed to triple as everyone emerged from hibernation.

Sunday it was 60. We opened the windows in the apt and turned off the heater. It was glorious and we were going to enjoy every fleeting moment of it.

On Monday, we woke up to this:

(note: this is taken from my office window and does not at all give a sense for the heavy swirling snow that is greatly diminishing visibility)

No. Absolutely not. This is unacceptable. We have not seen the ground since January. Every time you see even a granule of dirt (because, let's be honest, the grass has all be suffocated under unending piles of snow), wham! another 12" of snow falls (and that's if we're lucky).

And then, the weathercasters have the absolute gall to get on TV and happily proclaim, "We've finally exceeded the total snow fall from last year!" Bite me. I was here last year and there is no way we got even half as much snow last year as we got this year. I seriously question your measuring methodology AND I do not appreciate being taken for an idiot.

So there. Yes, I know that I should not complain. But HONESTLY. This is ridiculous!

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