Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you remember the Letter People?

The topic came up at work on Friday (yes, in the context of food, and yes, it is pretty sweet to work at a place where my random and strange thoughts are occasionally helpful) and NO ONE knew what I was talking about and EVERYONE thought I was crazy.
So, if you remember the Letter People, would you let me know? It will help to know that I'm not alone (even if it does turn out to be a show only people in Mentor watched)
And, if you want a stroll down memory lane, just check out some of the clips on YouTube


Diana Welmerink said...

Yes. I definitely remember the letter people and they were AWESOME! :)

Kevin and Amy said...

Of COURSE I remember the Letter People. But I don't remember them looking like the picture on your post...hmmmm. Now I have to do some research. Great. Nostalgia gets me once again.